H O M E       P O R T R A I T S       A B S T R A C T       P R E S S        I N F O        C O N T A C T

John Platt
   Born: New York City, 1984
   Educated: School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
   Lives and works in Brooklyn
Solo Shows -

   2014  -   "Portraits 2014" Gallery 151, New York, NY
   2012  -    Selected Paintings, The Cityfirm, New York, NY
   2012  -   "Private Conversations"  ArtNow, New York, NY
   2011  -   "Interchange"   Gallery 151, New York, NY
   2010  -   "Downtown 2010"  Gallery 151, New York, NY

Selected Group Shows -
   2014  -   "Polish", Rox Gallery, New York City
   2013  -   "Rock Them", Rox Gallery, New York City
   2012  -   "Art in the Yard", The Jewish Center, Easthampton NY 
   2010  -   "Young Art"  Contemporary Space, Dublin
   2010  -    Group Show, Rodriguez Gallery, Miami 
   2009  -   "Inside Out"  Wei Gallery, Singapore
   2009  -   "Spring Forward" Gallery 151, New York City
   2009  -   Group Show, Gallery 151, New York City
   2009  -   "Traces" Gallery Now, Stockholm
   2009  -   "Green Light Go", Gallery 151, New York City
   2008  -   December Group Show, Northern Projects, Seattle
   2007  -   Annual Salon Show, SMFA Boston, Special Jury Prize
   2007  -   "The New Portrait"  Fort Point Gallery, Boston
   2007  -   Student Annual Show, SMFA Boston
   2007  -   Summer 2007 Group Show, New England Art Center, Boston
   2007  -   Group Show, Calumet Gallery, Boston
   2006  -   Student Salon show, SMFA Boston
   2002  -   Manhattanville, Arts Program group show

How to draw a lion is an art education program created to bring hope
and raise funds for at-risk children in sub-Saharan Africa.  Each year 
we teach art at schools in Tanzania, Kenya and Malawi.  The children's
original artwork is available for a tax deductable donation.

Visit our website - www.drawalion.com